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No one said it would be easy

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Okay, I have to say, I love good news! I love, love, LOVE it! I especially love good news after a long and difficult journey. Not that I'm happy there had to be a long and difficult journey for the person. But these people show us that if you just keep going, you can get to the other side.

I know there are many people who are walking up that hill RIGHT NOW, stumbling over rocks and roots sticking out of the ground, and falling down, and getting back up with blood oozing from their knees. It's painful. It's SO FREAKING painful!!! I know, because I've been on that path up the hill. I have scars on my knees and my elbows and my forehead and a million other places from walking up that hill so much. And I will travel that path up the hill again and again and AGAIN. I mean, every time there's a new book, a new project, we go! We march up that hill, looking for an agent or editor who will fall in LOVE with the book!

People walk by, on the way down, waving their fat contracts in your face, and all you have for your hard work are a couple of bloody knees. It sucks. That's all there is to it, IT SUCKS!

But here's the thing. The good news shows us it's possible. The good news, like watchmebe had yesterday, shows us that it can happen anytime. Suddenly, we have an agent to walk beside us up that hill. Or we have an editor who says, let me send a snazzy convertible down to you and I'll drive you up this hill! And there we are, the wind in our face, the sun beaming down, and we are smiling and waving our hands in the air!!!

So, until then, what do you do? You KEEP ON WALKING! One step at a time. KEEP ON WALKING!!!

And anytime you need a band-aid for those bloody knees, I'm here for you, baby. I'm here.

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